Glisten Calm

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▪️Volume: 6 fl oz / 177ml ⁣
The candle burns clean and smoke-free for approximately 30 hours.⁣

Our Calm scented candle is infused with Kidz Paradize famous Relaxation & Bedtime Essential oils, delivering a subtle aroma that is designed to provide you with a foundation for peace, relaxation and a positive frame of mind.⁣

We understand the importance of organic, natural candles in the relaxation process, and the role that aromatherapy candles can play in providing you peace of mind.⁣

Unlike typical candles, these lightly scented fragrant candles are made using all natural and biodegradable soy vegetable blend wax. Naturally filter out badsmells and invite in the relaxing scent of our unique fragrances. ⁣

We are committed to providing you with a product that utilizes high quality materials and components. Our hand-poured natural & organic candles contain 100% soy wax, cotton wicks and essential oils that will provide you with a subtle aroma. Soy wax is made from vegetable oil and is very clean burning. Soy wax is non-toxic making our soy wax candle set suitable for both the environment and the health of you and your loved ones.⁣


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